Our Success

Mr. Ryan Young

NFLP-Y is a fantastic program; it gave our students a very firm grasp on some of the basic concepts of financial literacy.” Career Counselor National Grammar School

Mr. Ryan Young

Syed Naveed Ahsan

He is our Master Trainer and has been a part of the NFLP-Y Karachi family for more than a year now. He is super passionate about empowering Pakistani youth to own their financial futures.

Syed Naveed Ahsan

Dr Naseer Ali Shah Interview

We had a great meeting with Dr. Naseer Ali Shah, principal of Government Sandeman Higher Secondary School, Quetta in his office. Glad to have his support towards our cause.

Dr Naseer Ali Shah

Wajahat Usman Interview

Meet Wajahat Usman! He is a lecturer at Preston University, Peshawar and also a passionate Master Trainer of NFLP-Y. Lucky to have him as part of our team!

Wajahat Usman

Rania Usman Bilour

Rania, a student of National Grammar School, Lahore, After attending a training session conducted by NFLP-Y, learnt how to use money effectively and set up a business.

Rania Usman Bilour

Mr. Anthony D'Silva

"If more projects like NFLP-Y by State Bank of Pakistan are initiated, it will be very beneficial for students as they are the future leaders of this country."

Mr. Anthony D'Silva

Usman Ahmed

Meet Usman Ahmed, our Master Trainer from Quetta! He joined NFLP-Y in January 2019 and since then he has trained thousands of students.

Usman Ahmed

Aamina Sarfraz

Young Aamina Sarfraz from Lahore Grammar School, Junior Section (Girls)  is telling us what she learned from the session conducted by NFLP-Y in her school.

Aamina Sarfraz

Arsalan Saeed's Interview

Director Administration, Bolan International House of Knowledge, Arsalan Saeed applauded the efforts of the NFLP-Y and urged to implement the project in Sibi too.

Arslan Saeed

Maira Bukhari's Interview

Maira Bukhari is lawyer by profession and also works with NFLP-Y as a Master Trainer. Here she is talking about financial literacy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Maira Bukhari

Amir Khan's Interview

Here is Mr. Amir Khan, Principal of Superior College Kalma Chowk Campus, Lahore sharing his views about NFLP-Y.

Amir Khan

Rashid Mehmood's Interview

Meet Rashid Mehmood Khan, our Master Trainer from Karachi, sharing his experience of working with the National Financial Literacy Program for Youth.

Rashid Mehmood Khan

Agha Tauseef's Interview

Renowned Anchorperson of PTV Quetta Center and Radio Pakistan, Agha Tauseef Gillani is sharing his views about NFLP-Y

Agha Tauseef Gillani

Dilawar Khan's Interview

Dilawar Khan is a true source of inspiration for the youth of Pakistan. Here he is talking to our master trainer about NFLPY.

Dilawar Khan

Nishan Ullah's Interview

Principal of F.G Public School Quetta, Mr. Nishan Ullah sharing his views about NFLP-Y and the importance of financial education for Pakistani youth.

Nishan Ullah

Ayesha Javed's Interview

NFLP-Y’s training inspired young Ayesha Javed to start an online business of jewelry. Listen to what she had to say!

Ayesha Javed

Basim's Interview

Meet Muhammad Basim, a student of Army Public School. Here’s what he had to say after attending a session conducted by NFLP-Y.

Muhammad Basim