About the Program

The Women’s Economic Empowerment through Financial Education Program
aims to provide existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs with an opportunity to improve their
business financial understanding and help them build their own businesses.

NIBAF, META, and DEMO have partnered to launch an online program to provide females
with a comprehensive breakdown of the common financial challenges that most businesses face
and help them accelerate their business growth, train women with the skills, tools, and
resources they need to compete in the digital economy and help increase the impact and outreach
of their business ventures, empower women entrepreneurs by providing
them with access to world-class learning material and the opportunity to become a part of the

#SheMeansBusiness alumni community.

Women trained in 2022
Cities Reached
Trainings Conducted

Who can apply?

There are two main target audiences.

Women Entrepreneurs

Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Features of the Training:

01 Gain financial knowledge online

with a practical approach and a wide variety of learning material. Workbooks, Case Studies, and Video capsules will be provided

02 Build the financial skills

that will help you scale your business and gain the highest financial returns.

03 Gain fundamental knowledge

of finance and accounting, and be able to apply that knowledge to a wide variety of real-world situations while running your businesses.

04 Earn a certificate of completion

earn a certificate of completion

05 Join META Trained Alumni Network

which is a community group created to engage participants of the program in cross-communication, networking, and peer-to-peer learning.

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Getting Familiar with Financial Language

Own Your Daily Operations

Generate Positive Cash Flow

Understand Your Business Performance