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National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y) is launched by National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF), a subsidiary of State Bank of Pakistan with aim to impart Financial Literacy among Pakistani Youth and School going Children for strengthening their money management skills and understanding of financial issues.

Who should Join The NFLP-Y Movement and Become PARTNER WITH US?

ANY AND EVERY individual or organization who believes in the cause to develop the youth of Pakistan and reinforce positive behavior in the youth should join the movement and be partner of NFLP-Y.

NFLP-Y is looking to partner with Universities, Colleges, Schools, TVETs (both Public and Private Sector), Education Groups, Education Departments, Education Boards, Education Ministries and development sector organizations directly working in Education Sector.

Why to work with us: Lets help our youth to Build Pakistan

• Freedom on future planning: After this training the youth will have better understanding with regards to future financial planning.

• Improvement in Saving Rates: The content is designed in a way to inculcate saving habits in the youth of Pakistan. Developed countries thrive on the savings of the nation.

• Increased Financial inclusion: Pakistan has only 23% financial inclusion rate (i.e. Bank 16% and formal 7% financially included). This project is aimed to not only increase the financial inclusion but to advocate for minor and new banking products for youth.

• Improvement in civic sense:The content of the trainings is designed to impart civic education along with financial literacy.

• Cohesion among families:The content is designed to have taken away activities to be done with family.

• Youth Development: This project will ultimately develop the youth of Pakistan.

• Economic Development: The project will ultimately lead to better saving rates and improved financial inclusion situation which will help Pakistan to develop and will assist economy to prosper.

Advantage to Institutions/ Organizations:

• Enhances Student’s Financial Skills: This program will help the students to enhance their financial skills for future planning.

• Recognition on NFLP-Y Website and Reporting: Through this program partner institutes name shall be posted on NFLP-Y website, which will be acknowledged the Universities’ participation in NFLP-Y program.

• Free trainings for students: Students nor the institutes will be required to pay any fee for NFLP-Y trainings.

• Dual Logo Certification:Every single student who will be trained will be awarded by a certificate and to honor the institute, its logo will be placed on the certificate along with NFLP-Y’s logo.

• Free training material: Each student who will be trained will be provided free training workbooks, story books and other material.

• Extra curriculum activity: The faculty, students and other members associated with the institution will have an exposure to be a part of extra curriculum activities like Galas, Melas, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Financial Literacy Clubs etc.

• Freedom of Future Planning: After completing this program students will have freedom to set their educational and future goals.

• Institute status and goodwill: This program is designed to add value into student’s decision making and financial planning process which will help to build institutes reputation and goodwill among others.

Along with all above advantages you will enjoy:

• Development of Society: Partner Institutes will play their role to develop the society and help Pakistan to move towards economic stability.

• Better understanding of Market and Customers: This project will provide platforms to financial institutions to better understand the market and come up with the products which would be aligned with the market needs and also help the institutions to identify the gap for new product development.

• Acquisition of New Customers and additional Revenue Streams: The program will help financial institutions to build new potential customers, particularly youth. The youth will get knowledge about variety of products and services offered by institutes through it. Secondly, the partner institutes will be given preference during Melas, Galas, Exhibitions, Conferences and Workshops to showcase their products and services.

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